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India is the youngest country in the world and according to Statistics the average age of India around 2020 would be 29. This means that there would be increased competition and neverthless abundance of opportunities as well. The good news is that the study presents is that the overall estimation of orphan children in %age terms is expected to fall by 2021 although their number will increase from present 20 million to 24 million.

Against this percepective, what we are upto, is like serving as a drop in the ocean, notwithstanding the mamoth proportions of 20 million orphans.

Some True Stories.....

My name is Manjunatha, age is 6 years, studying in 1st Standard, father name is Kumar, mother Gowri. My father was murdered, with a big size stone thrown on his head. At the time of my father's death, I was 3 years old. In a few days my mother consumed poison and she also died. At that time, my age was just 4 years. My father and mother were from different caste and they loved each other and married. My grandmother Venkatamma quarreled with my mother regularly, making her cry. One day my mother said to me Manja, you and me will consume poison and kill ourselves. But I refused to die. One day she gave some tablets to me for ill health and she slept with me. In the morning I searched for my mother.

I tried to wake her, but she did not get up. I called aunty Mrs. Gowramma of next house, she came and examined my mother and she said my mother was dead and brought the body outside and put garlands on her body. Afterwards they took my mother's body and transferred to nearby river bed and cremated.

Afterwards I lived in Gowramma aunty's house, she gave food to me. After some days, she told me - you should not stay with us, you go out. I am not giving any food hereafter. I went somewhere and begged for food. Some days the food was available, some days it was not available. At such a time I stole food like tea, biscuits, Chakkuli, Nippattu and others at Gowramma aunty's shop. She began to beat me and my leg got wounded, blood bleeding from wounded leg. Some persons took me to hospital and they gave proper treatment. After some days, my Grandma took me to Kanakapura, where I lived for some days after which my uncle took me to Shanamangala. There also I was beaten. At that time only a Govt. school head mistress took me and admitted here i.e., Sneha Jyothi Orphans Children Home. At present I am studying in 1st Standard at Govt. School of Thagachaguppe.

Here I am doing well, here I am getting father-mother, sisters-brothers, teachers all, I would like to study very well and my ambition is to get a police job. The guest visitors are my relations. It is my real story.

Statement issued in Kanada by MANJUNATHA
Interview conducted by: Mr. G. Rangadasappa
Supervisor: Ms. J. Victoria
Accepted by: Mr. T.G. MURTHY (Founder President)

30th July 2011 - exactly 3 times of 30 days since our beautiful wedding. I and Kate were really not sure how we would make this day beautiful. But God knows and guides.

Kate returned early from her office and we thought of visiting a friend who into sericulture and also running an orphanage nearby his mulberry plantation. It�s in mysore road, around 25 kms from our home. We took the Nice road and reached Mysore road. Soon after we took a left turn from the main road after RR Medical College, we faced a dirty mud road. The rain added more colors and chaos to it. Our cute Chevy Spark moved slowly on the muddy road. We were welcomed by Mr. Murthy who runs the orphanage. We parked the car at his place and had Jackfruit. Have you ever seen orange colored jackfruit, if not, check in my fb album.

First we visited the cocoon farm. The farm house is in midst of mulberry plants and palm trees. We were able to experience all stages of a silkworm. A cocoon is a casing spun of silk by many moth caterpillars, and numerous other holometabolous insect larvae as a protective covering for the pupa. The silk in the cocoon of the silk moth can be unravelled to get silk fibre which makes this moth the most economically important of all Lepidopterans. It will take few weeks for a caterpillar to build his own cocoon beautifully and another few weeks to transform himself into a beautiful butterfly.

After this we went to Thagachiguppe where Sneha Jyothi Orphanage is located. This orphanage has 15 children who have come from Chennai, Bangalore, Madikerri, Calcutta and other parts of India. Each child in the home has a story that is really hard to swallow. The children age from 4 to 14. They are highly obedient and we could witness it. When we reached there they were playing, but when their Warden called them to office as there were visitors, they came immediately and stood in line. There was pin drop silence. We heard few stories that I can�t post here (visit there once to hear).

I captured few photos of the kids and the orphanage. While taking pics, I came across a certificate that amazed me. These kids received a honorary award from Bangalore Town Hall for their special art and dance talents. When I enquired about this, Mr. Murthy welcomed us to watch them perform. It was the most amazing evening that one could have ever asked for. The kids performed a classical dance to a Hindi tune and a humorous Kannada folk song and many more. Every kid had some role to play and they showed very good expressions.

As I am part of iKnight and Target I have worked with a lot of NGOs. But this NGO is an unsung hymn. No major donors. Faith is the only thing moving this huge mountain. I have seen NGOs taking money and doing nothing but only because they know how to con Corporates they are flourishing. I know NGOs who are paying their staff in lakhs and their salary budget is more than the kid�s annual budget. In this NGO the staff are payed in 100s. Yes, its only 1300. But the way the staffs are dedicated is amazing.

I know these little caterpillars might have been abandoned by their parents, but here they are learning how to build a beautiful silky cocoon around themselves and be safe inside until they fly out in colors just as the beautiful butterflies.

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