Sneha Jyothi
A home for the orphan kids

SNEHA JYOTHI ORPHAN CHILDREN'S HOME (R) was started on 19th March 2010 at Thagachaguppe Village, out and out a remote area situated at the outskirts of Bangaluru City.

It is pathetic to find that in this area and its surroundings there are a lot of orphaned children without food, shelter or kith and kin. They are left to eke out their livelihood by working in houses or even worse begging in streets, doing petty errants, etc. We, at SNEHA JYOTI try to help those desolate children who are left in the lurch, without anybody to take care of. We provide them good education, food and shelter so that they live gracefully in the society. This is basically our main intention in forming an orphan children's home as a trust.

We are running our destitute Children's home in two places. One is in Kumbalagodu, where 20 children are staying and another one in Sneha Nagara (Bettamgere), where 10 children are domiciled. We require a sum of Rs. 3,000/- per day for providing proper food, clothing, shelter and medical treatment for our children. On an average it costs around Rs. 100/- per child. Nevertheless, we are in need of donors to meet the requirements of our children at the home on a daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis as the case may be. At present, we are not getting any grants from state or central governments or any other institutions. We would highly appreciate your kind contribution in this regard in either cash or kind.

Our Members:

Mr.T.G.Murthy - Founder & President
Ms. R.Daisy - Managing Trustee
Mr. Muninarayana. M - Trustee
M.s T.G.Mangalagowramma - Trustee

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